Daily Drink Specials

16oz Glass of Pil $4.00
Every Day !


Pints of Canadian $4.00
Kokanee Bottles $4.10
16oz Glass of Pil $4.00


Import Beer $4.25
Smirnoff Ice $4.35
16oz Glass of Pil $4.00


Pints of Alexander Keiths or
Sleeman Honey Brown $4.35
16oz Glass of Pil $4.00
Double Caesar
Long Island or
Paralyzer $6.50
Shot of Fireball $3.60


Pints of Coors Banquet $4.00
16oz Glass of Pil or Bud $4.00
7oz Glass House Wine $3.79
Double Margarita
or Paralyzer $6.50


16oz Glass of Pil $4.00
Double Caesar
Long Island or
Paralyzer $6.50
OK Spring Pale Ale or
Rickards Red Pints $4.35
Jugs of Canadian $13.50
MGD Bottles $4.35


Bottles of Bud, Bud Light
or Canadian $3.50
16oz Glass of Pil $4.00


Bottles of Bud, Bud Light
or Canadian $3.50
16oz Glass of Pil $4.00



Soups, Salads & More

(Prices do not include applicable taxes)


Soup Du Jour Cup  $4
Bowl  $5

Wholesome, hearty, and always Delicious!
Served with garlic toast
Monday - Friday, changes daily.


Teriyaki Noodle Bowl $16
Your choice of chicken or crispy pork bites, sauteed with peppers, onions, celery, carrots and pineapple tossed together with tender noodles.

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce $13
Zesty home made meat sauce tossed in spaghetti and topped with Asiago cheese, served with garlic toast.

Perogies & a Smokie  $13
Potato & cheddar perogies smothered with sauteed ham & onions, with a smokie and tossed salad.

Taco Salad  $15
Spicy Mexican beef with black olives & jalapenos served over mixed greens in a crispy tortilla shell & topped with cheese.
Served with sour cream and salsa.

Chicken Quesadilla  $13
Sauteed veggies. black olives. jalapenos & melted cheese on a fresh flour tortilla Served with sour cream & salsa.

Caesar Salad $10
Baxter's homemade Caesar dressing mixed with fresh romaine, croutons and Parmesan cheese.
Served with garlic toast.
Add chicken or shrimp $5

Fish & Chips 1pc  $9
2 pc-13

Battered & deep fried Cod with salad, fries, tartar sauce & a lemon wedge.


Chef Salad $15
A delicious combination of crisp greens topped with julienne of ham, turkey & cheese. Crowned with hard boiled egg, tomato wedges and cucumber.
Served with garlic toast.

New York Steak Sandwich $14
New York steak grilled your way, served on garlic toast, with fries and a Caesar salad.


Greek Salad  $14
A medley of peppers, onions, tomato, & cucumber with chunks of feta & whole black olives, tossed in our own dressing.
Served with pita bread.

Chicken Strips  $13
Tender pieces of chicken breast battered & deep fried to a golden brown with fries & salad.
Served with honey mustard dip.

Seafood Cob Salad  $15
Crab. baby shrimp. avocado, almond slivers & a hard boiled egg, over fresh mixed salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.
Served with garlic toast.